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The 1-th place: Imperia Online
The 2-th place: The Treasures Of Montezuma The 3-th place: Bato - The Treasures of Tibet The 4-th place: Farm Frenzy 3
The 5-th place: The Treasures Of Montezuma 2 The 6-th place: Snowy: Treasure Hunter 3 The 7-th place: Mysteriez
The 8-th place: Letters from Nowhere The 9-th place: Pyramid Runner The 10-th place: Farm Frenzy 2
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Imperia Online

Are you strong enough to rule the whole Medieval World? Veni, vidi,vici and become the Great Emperor!

Flash game
Play Online - Imperia Online Description:
Step into Imperia Online and use your unique chance to rule the whole Empire. The Empire with no gadgets, Internet or even gunpowder. Just your strategy skills and your sword can help you to conquer new lands and win Medieval battles. Hunger for more? Use your crafty skills to intrigue, try your brave soldiers in a new bloody battles, become a war planner to occupy new territories and siege the most powerful fortresses and cities of the Medieval age. Destroy the old politicians and create the Empire that obeys to your own rules.

Tips and Tricks:
Click ‘Fullscreen mode’ to enjoy game the best.

Play Online - Imperia Online
Play Online - Imperia Online
Imperia Online - Screeshot 1 Imperia Online - Screeshot 2 Imperia Online - Screeshot 3 Imperia Online - Screeshot 4
Flash game review

Imperia Online is a new great challenge for the valiant. Try your strategy skills and prove that you are the one to rule the army and Medieval cities. Long bows and cold swords, brave armies and industrious citizens, new lands and political battles are waiting for you. What are the rules? There are no rules, Emperor. Your wish is our command.

Features of Imperia Online game: · The sun will never go down upon your Empire as thousands of players are always online! · Conquer, destroy or build new cities - it’s up to you! · Enslave anyone who is oppose you; · Socialize and forge alliances; · Build the most powerful Empire and start your own dynasty to rule the whole Medieval age; · Use your strategy skills to start and win the war or benefit in any diplomatic negotiations; · Realistic gameplay will make you forget about the real world; · Amazing MMO gameplay; · Multilanguage allows players all over the world enjoy the game no matter where they live.

Start building your Empire as a part of a team player in a small village. Develop your small settlement or join any army you like as a courageous soldier. Become a hard worker by producing or collecting various resources or strike for your army team and win. Step by step become a new true leader of your team to be conquer of new territories or cities. Your goal is to build, develop and defend your lands and then your Empire. Use your chance to develop new skills as of creating new alliances with other teams or near-by neighbours to help and support each other. Trade your resources and earn more gold and power. This is how you can become a real Emperor and rule the whole online Medieval world. Go down fighting and become an Ultimate Emperor because you worth it!

Enjoy great 2D graphics and a realistic gameplay in a free-to-play Imperia Online game. No need to download any file or check your computer requirements. Just register and enter Medieval age to conquer and win and become the one and only Emperor.

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